Saturday, 19 November 2011

gambar-gambar teknologi terkini

This is the one of the latest innovation from SonicNY. This chair is named A B54. This chair is named as B54 because it contains 54 types of unique softballs are placed on the back of the seat and upper and lower shells of the seat. The main function of this chair is that it gives an eternal sense of relaxation to the human body.

This is an MRI breast cancer scanner named Magnetom Espree-Pink. This product is invented by the Siemens Healthcare. This MRI machine contribute a greater soloution for breast examination. This 1.5 Tesla system gives better result of the health condition of the breast cancer patients compare to other MRI scanner. Besides that, this MRI machine is innovated to give comfort to the patients as well especially for obese and claustrophobic patients. This is because the magnet bore is as big as 70-centimeter which can give more sense of coziness to the patients.

HCube Laser Virtual Keyboard is a small device which functions through laser which projects a keyboard on any flat surface. The tiny cube laser virtual is in a matchbox-seized. Therefore, it is convenient to bring this device to anywhere the user goes. This device will produce a red light which will stimulate keyboard on a flat surface. This device has all the functions of the normal keyboard that we use.

This is an Energy Inductive charger. This device is recommendable because it can charge few portable devices at a same time. This device is suitable for any portable devices which are 5 watss or less that is Qi enabled or it has Qi enabled built in, for instance, mobile phones, Mp3 players, Digital Cameras and GPS devices.

This coffee table named ROSIE is a new innovation of Apple Company. This coffee table has a touch sensitive screen with touchpanel controller renders which supports the functionalities of this coffee table. A user can connect this screen to any other portable devices for example Itunes multimedia contents, digital cameras, IP, cars readers and other high technology gadget which ca support this program. This coffee table can be placed in a living room as anyone can enjoy their coffee with various types of entertaining program.

This is a multi functional study lamp called Ember. It has plugs, LED lights and 3 USB outlets. The flexible long neck which is as long as 2 foot can be used in any position as the user wants. Furthermore, the LED light which is 7 foot extension cable can light up even the darkest of the nooks. The LED light is even safe for the eyes because it is covered with frosting glass. Everything can be done at a same time because its multi functional. Even this device is safe for children because the light arm is wrapped up with durable woven nylon fabric

This is a water power clock. This clock is special because it does not need batteries, electricity and other power source to function. The user has to pour a little water in the tubes and it will show time, date and month accurately. This product is environmentally free because its pollution free. This clock functions when the energy converter will convert the electrons from the water molecules to form a steadt stream of electri current which will become the fuels to generate the clock.

This is a pocket shower. This tiny unfold pouch unfolds to reveal a high performance where it can endure 10 liters of water. The black color fabric functions to warm the water up in a very short time. It is very easy to use, a person just has to hang this small bag somewhere like on tree and open the attached shower head. As the size is very small therefore it is very convenient to bring to anywhere such as for camping.

This is solar powered UVonion illuminates and sanitizes. The function of this small onion shaped solar ultraviolet lamp is to lighten up the surrounding and it can also save a huge amount of energy as well. This device will collect to energy during the day time and produce them at the night. It also sanitizes the house from the dangers of ultraviolet. It converts solar energy into electrical energy by using solar cells in to produce UV lights powered by ultraviolet LEDs.

This is a pulse smart pen, one of the most innovative products. This pen enables a person to write on a paper. However, if it is connected to the personal computer, it will transfer all the notes to the personal computer. It also records the audio and the audio can be played on computer as well. The audio can be played from the smartpen as well when the user tapped the pen on the handwritten notes it will play back the part of the meeting through build in speaker.


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  2. teknologi pocket shower memang menakjubkan. alat ini akan menjadi perhatian kepada pengguna yang suka aktiviti rekreasi yang lasak. alat ini memudahkan mereka mandi keran mereka tidak perlu mencari tempat yang sesuai untuk mandi, malah hanya mengantungkan alat ini di mana-mana tempat yang tinggi seperti pokok dan terus mandi

    Primila a/p Elangkumar
    En Mohd Jasmy bin Abd Rahman

  3. Hai.
    10 gambar yang anda tampilkan sangat menarik. Malah menjadi semakin menarik setelah membaca kesemua maklumat yang berkenaan dengannya. tetapi saya sangat tertarik dengan pocket shower serta pulse pen. Ia simple tetapi cukup inovatif.


    nurul farhana jalani

  4. Gambar yang menarik serta penuh dengan informasi.
    Hujah yang dikemukakan dalam diskripsi amat baik serta gambar teknologi yang amat moden dan berteknologi tinggi.

    Subhatra a/p Anantha Rao
    En.Mohd Jasmy bin Abdul Rahman